Fire and smoke on the plate - a food event at Baergarten

With Esh n' Ashan - Flames, Food & Vibes, we present a very special food event together with the Bärenquell Brewery and the Israeli chefs Evyatar Malka, Chanoch Shechter and Shayke Gurevitz. Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine under the motto "Fire and Smoke" on a unique evening in a special atmosphere.

von Revier Suedost • 21. July 2022
On Saturday 30 July, the Baergarten will be transformed into a backdrop for a very special culinary happening direct from Tel Aviv: 

Esh n' Ashan, "Fire and Smoke" in English

"Esh n' Ashan are the Fire & Smoke that spice our lives and create the food I love. Serving fire and smoke on a plate is who I am. The story of my food starts with an inner search for simplicity. An aspiration for food that speaks for itself and is not trendy and full of tricks and twists." 
– Evyatar Malka

Saturday, 30 July from 5pm at Baergarten
No reservation necessary  

Read more about Esh n' Ashan by Evyatar Malka: 

"The story of my food starts with an inner search for simplicity. An aspiration for food that speaks for itself and is not trendy and full of tricks and twists.
Ingredients are the most important characters in my story and the people who stand behind them are the ones that set our spark of creativity.
We act from a place of personal connection to the path we are taking with the people who supply us the materials we need to create food that gives us meaning on this planet.

Another part of our food is Fire: Without it, all which try to do would not have the right to exist. Controlling it, is what creates the magic.
Our food is prepared on real fire, one that creates unbearable heat and surrounds everything with smoke of mystery.
Our need to set fire is primitive, one that symbolizes life.

We take our ingredients through a minimum of processes to let them shine on their own with great light.
While doing so we cast a great deal of doubt in deciding what belongs with what and whether they were meant to coexist on the same plate.
Food must come from the earth beneath us, which is why we don’t bound ourselves to categorizing it or name it.
It can be influenced by everything but in the end, it belongs to the place and moment that it is being prepared.

Our food is not affected by traditions or other things that can hold it back or be a burden to it. Our ideology is dynamic, it knows how to reinvent itself over and over again by the sounds of our hearts and the understanding that sticking to conceptions and conformism should be avoided.
We feel our food with our hands, intuition, and hearts.
Rationalism is the enemy. Movement is the thing that holds us in the race.
We try to live and think while moving, just like our world's constant eternal movement.
The result is food that its foundations are the strong memories that dwell in our hearts and the ones we are creating right now at this moment, from our immediate surroundings."


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